A Number of Changes for Indian e-Visa Have Taken Place in The Year 2019 Are:

India has always been the center of attraction to the worldwide tourist and thus millions of tourists from different corners of the globe visit the country for different purposes. The Indian tourism ministry has done a commendable job by introducing the concept of Indian e-Visa. Furthermore, the ministry is continuously revising the online visa facility, to upsurge the convenience for applicants. As per records, around 25.15 lakhs tourists have applied for Indian electronic visa. 

The year 2019 has been a very busy year for Indian tourist ministry thus far as there is a considerable number of changes have taken place in the e-Visa facility. Some of the most important in e-Visa of the year 2019 are listed in this piece of writing.  Read till the end, if you are planning to visit India. 

Let’s Begin with Two Newly Introduced E-Visa Types:

Apart from the basic three categories of Indian e-Visa i.e. e-Tourist visa, e-Business visa, e-Medical visa, the government of India has introduced two new types namely e-Medical attendant visa and e-Conference visa.

E-medical attendant visa:

This is a newly introduced type for Indian e-Visa that allow the two attendants to accompany the patient coming to India on the e-Medical visa. Only two attendants are allowed for one patient. 

With this type of visa, 60 days of stay period with triple entries are allowed. The validity is as same as the e-Medical visa. 

E-conference visa:

This e-Visa type is applicable to those who are visiting India for attending the conferences/seminars organized by government and non-government organizations. With this visa, Single entry is permitted 30 days from the date of the first entry of India.

Significant notifications:

  1. The stay period for e-tourist and e-business visas has extended to one year along with multiple entries.
  2. The restriction of only triple entry has removed in 2019 by the government.

Changes in e-Tourist visa:

The stay period for has extended to 90 days from 60 days for nationals of all countries other than USA, UK, Canada, and Japan. 

For the exceptions namely USA, UK, Japan and Canada, tourists can stay up to 180 days and for the stay period less than 180 days, there is no need for registration. 

Changes in e-Business visa:

  1. The stay period for e-business Indian visa cannot exceed 180 days for all eligible nations.
  2. No registration will be required within 180 days.

Other important changes:

  1. The two new entries i.e. Bhubaneswar and Port Blair have added to the list and now total 28 airports allow entering to the country using Indian e-Visa.
  2. One can enjoy the destination weddings taking place in India, under e-tourist visa and tourist visa. There is no other specific type of visa is required.
  3. Tourists who fall sick whilst their stay in the country can pursue a medical treatment without converting their respective visa to the Medical one. This change is meant to handle medical emergencies with foreign nationals.
  4. The visa-on-arrival facility is now available for citizens of the Republic of Korea.
S.NoParticulars of Visa IssuesPrevious StatusChanges 
1Stay period of e-Visa For a maximum period of 60 days with double entry for e-Tourist and e-Business VisaThe stay period in India with e-Tourist and e-Business visa is maximum up to 1 year with multiple entries 
2Duration of stay per visitStay period up to 60 daysExtended to 90 Days per visit For tourist visa1. On e-Tourist Visa stay period on each visit cannot exceed 90 days for citizens of all countries who are eligible to avail e-Visa except nationals of USA, UK, Canada, and Japan.2. For the nationals coming from USA, UK, Canada, and Japan the stay period during each visit cannot exceed 180 days.For business visa1. With e-Business India visa the stay during each visit cannot exceed 180 days in a row for the nationals of all eligible countries2. No registration (with FRRO/FRO concerned) s required for the stay period of fewer than 180 days.
3Number of EntryOnly two entries are  allowed to e-Tourist and e-Business VisaMultiple entries are now allowed
4Number of times visa can be issued in a yearTriple entry in a yearMultiple times can be issued
5E-Visa entry airports26 airports2 more airports (Port Blare and Bhubaneshwar) have added to the list and now 28 airports entertain the e-Visa holders
6Kind of e-Visa categoriesFive subcategories:e-tourist,e-Businesse-Medical visae-Conferencee-Medical AttendantDemand for issuing Destination Wedding Visa will not be accepted – Only Tourist/e-tourist visa is required 
7Conversion of Visa Medical Treatment in IndiaConversion of visa category neededForeign citizens who fall sick during their stay in India are no longer needed to convert their e-Visa type to Medical one, for availing emergency medical treatment. This is meant to take care of sudden medical emergencies.
8Visa-on-ArrivalPreviously, it was only available to the nationals of JapanNow the Visa-on-Arrival facility has extended to the nationals of the Republic of Korea.

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