How Tourist Visa Can Be Converted to X Visa

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If you are married to someone from India, you can’t apply for a spouse visa as there is no provision for availing it. The foreigner spouses of Indian citizens are issued with X visa which is Entry visa and can only be used to reside in India as it doesn’t provide a work permit. Those who are living in India with their spouse on a tourist visa can convert their visa into X visa or Entry visa, to stay in the country for a longer period of time.

The X-visa is issued to the individuals accompanying their spouse who is visiting India on the study, employment or another type of long term visa. If you are already in India and want to transform your visa from tourist to Entry, it can be done while residing in the country. But the process takes quite a long time hence one must be plan the conversion accordingly.

Also, if you have Indian origin or ancestors from India, you can apply for this visa to extend your stay in the country.

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Who All Apply for The Visa Conversion; Tourist to X Visa

The X-visa is not applicable to every person who visits India on a tourist visa, but there few restrictions which determine your eligibility for the conversion, check them below:

  • If a person is visiting India on a tourist visa but belongs to India itself. The person who anytime had an Indian passport or is a child or grandchild of an Indian national.
  • The one whose ancestors were permanent residents of India can apply for this visa
  • A spouse of an Indian citizen. They can directly apply for an Entry visa from their home country or apply while living in India on a tourist visa
  • Child of an Indian origin parent can apply for X visa if they are a permanent citizen of a foreign nation. But the parent must hold the Indian passport.

Alteration in the process:

The conversion of tourist visa to X-visa was formerly regulated by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) itself. This was changed in 2012 and since then the applications are overseen by the Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO) of MHA.

Now visiting Delhi for the interview is not required as you have to send an application to FRRO. In order to apply, you need to fill the online form on the FRRO official website: Once you submit your application, it will be verified by the authorities of FRRO and an appointment will be scheduled to your local FRRO. Above all, the application status can be tracked online without much hassle.

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What Are the Documents Required to Apply for Entry Visa?

  • The marriage certificate with the name of both partners. The marriage certificate should be issued by the Indian authorities.
  • A passport that is duly stamped with the current visa
  • The Indian identification proof of the spouse
  • Proof of residence, such as lease/rent agreement, electricity bill or other ID proof
  • One needs to sign the Indemnity Bond on 100 rupees stamp paper. The specific pattern which is determined by FRRO is to mention on the bond
  • The marital status verification report from the local police station is required. The process includes the confirmation of living together, security clearance and other related aspects.

Steps to convert Indian tourist visa to X visa:

  • First, check your eligibility to avail the Entry visa.
  • You need to fill an online form on the website of the Indian Bureau of Immigration. The form includes details such as country of issue, current visa number, expiry date, contact information, etc.
  • Next, the online form of FRRO is needed to fill dully and schedule an appointment with the FRRO authorities after the verification of the form.
  • You need to provide the marriage/relationship proof to the FRRO for further investigation
  • The authorities will do a background check for completing the process
  • On the basis of the background check, the applicant will be accepted or rejected.
  • If accepted, the application will be forwarded to the Ministry of Home Affairs and a cross check will be done.
  • If MHA approves the application, the passport will be stamped with the X visa or Entry visa.

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Important Note: The process of conversion is quite time-consuming and can take 2-6 months. The major time taking part is police verification. The consumption of time varies from case to case. Furthermore, if your tourist visa expires meanwhile the verification process, the FRRO will grant a visa extension.

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