Countries That Have Gone the E-Visa Way

With the introduction of e-Visa, the travel world has taken a new turn. But this is not the case with every nation. There are some countries that offer e-Visa, which allows tourists to apply for a visa online without needing to visit an embassy. Some countries have a simple e-Visa process while for some it is totally the reverse. Here is a list of 24 countries that offers e-Visa:


India has made the smartest move to introduce the e-Visa India program a few years back and it has opened this program to everyone recently. You can easily fill all the details online and make the payment. After the application gets approved, you can expect the e-Visa in your email within the next 24-72 hours. E-Visa can be obtained under three different categories- e-Tourist, e-Medical, and e-Business visa.


Most of the western countries can visit Armenia without a visa for a full 180 days but some countries including Canada need a visa on arrival or e-Visa.


Azerbaijan requires a visa from everyone expect the nine countries that are allowed for visa-free entry. There are thirteen Asian and Gulf countries that get visa on arrival. All other countries need to apply for a visa before arrival. Azerbaijan’s e-Visa process wasn’t easy but since 2017, the e-Visa process has become much stress-free. 


Bahrain has eased its visa policy and it has become a more liberal Gulf state towards westerners. Earlier, their e-Visa program used to be open to only 38 countries but lately, it was expanded to 114. Most of the ‘Tier A’ passports can obtain a visa on arrival or an e-Visa, while the African and poorer Asian countries need to follow the e-Visa route. Their e-Visa process requires you to upload multiple forms and it is not that easy.


The process of getting e-Visa is generally relaxed but you need to have multiple passport photos ready to scan and upload. If you have that, the form filling takes around five minutes and approval is also prompt. Cambodia has raised its e-Visa fee over the years. Many western citizens like Americans can obtain a visa on arrival, however, the immigration authority has not set rules to determine who is eligible for the same.


This West African country was earlier known as Ivory Coast. It has its own online visa process. The instructions have been provided by the government on its website. But if you are not from one of the 21 African countries, you will need a visa.


The African nation of Gabon has a straightforward process and it allows only 4 countries (Mauritius, Morocco, Tunisia, and South Africa) to visit without a visa. You get the option to select a single entry or double entry visa along with the duration you want to stay. The process is also upfront and you just have to upload some documents mentioned on the website.


Georgia has its name in one of the most open countries. The countries like Thailand that face problems while traveling, also have easy access to this place. There is a list of countries that get a one-year stamp on arrival but even if you are not from there, you have the facility to avail e-Visa. Citizens of countries like- Cuba, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, and some Caribbean islands can apply for 90 days while all other countries like Chinese and Indians can apply for 30 days. 


Kenya offers 90-day visa-free access for the citizens of 43 countries, out of which two are western. You will definitely need an e-Visa if you don’t want to invest a few million euros to get Cyprus economic citizenship. The Tier A and Tier B passport holders can easily apply online along with Chinese and Indian citizens and the process takes nearly two days.


The facility to obtain a visa on arrival is available to US citizens and a growing number of countries in Europe in addition to Georgia. The process is straightforward and it only requires answering a few questions. The only drawback is that Kuwait’s e-Visa is only available to a limited number of countries.


Malaysia is one of the easiest countries to visit. 63 countries’ citizens get 90-day visa-free travel, another 97 countries receive 30-day visa-free travel and two countries receive 14 days without a visa. As a tourist, it is one of the easiest countries to visit due to Malaysia’s easy visa run policy. There are ten countries that require an e-Visa- Bhutan, Bangladesh, China, India, Montenegro, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Serbia, and Sri Lanka. 


Since 2007, citizens of 69 countries can avail visa-free travel to Moldova for 90 days. The e-Visa process is only limited to most central and South American countries. Other countries require an invitation letter that involves a lengthy procedure than the typical online visa process.


Myanmar e-Visa process has changed completely from the time it started. Earlier the online visa process involved hiring someone to obtain the visa for you. Also, there was very much confusion about who is eligible for what type of visa or invitation letter. Now, the process has a systematic approach and it allows any nationality to apply.


Only nine countries, including Singapore, can visit visa-free. Citizens of western countries like the United States can obtain a visa on arrival. Except this, everyone needs an e-Visa and the process is normally straightforward.


US, Canadian, Brazilian, and some European countries don’t need a visa at all but everyone else needs an e-Visa. E-Visas need to be used within 30 days after issue, hence the only option is to apply for a 30-day tourist or business visa


Singapore’s visa policy is a bit confusing. Citizens of countries like Comoros can visit easily but a number of Tier-B countries require visas.


The process is generally easy and for Indians as well they can travel without an advance visa. The process is done online for the countries who need a visa like Southeast Asians, Central Asians, and Africans.


Citizens of all countries require an ETA to visit Sri Lanka. 


The Turkey e-Visa process is relatively easy and it doesn’t cost much. You can get an e-Visa if you meet certain requirements. 


The UAE has started offering visa on arrival to more nationals but the non-western citizens still need a visa. The process to obtain e-Visa is simple and you can make payment via a number of options.


Uganda e-Visa process is replacing the visa on arrival process and the online process is simple. 


Uzbekistan has recently introduced two new visa regimes on July 15, 2018. The new e-Visa program allows citizens of western countries to visit Uzbekistan up to 30 days with a single-entry e-Visa. 


Visa on arrival is available to 95 countries and e-Visa is available to those in addition to the remaining Tier C countries. 


In addition to the forty nationalities that can arrive visa-free, there are 90 countries that need to apply for an e-Visa but with some conditions. 

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