Employment Visa for India- Get a Work Permit in India

employment visa for india

Employment visa permits any foreign national to visit India with the purpose of pursuing a job in a recognized company for a particular time period. This kind of visa specifically requires confirmation from the employer. Employment visa is also named as work visa or work permit, but it is short-term validity visa.

Eligibility Criteria for an employment visa India

  • A foreigner is eligible who is coming to India to pursue a job in a recognized and registered company in India.
  • A foreigner visiting India intending to execute the project of a foreign company.
  • A foreigner visiting India to provide the consultation on a contract basis and he/she is getting paid a fixed amount for that.
  • A foreign sportsperson who has earned a contract from any sports club in India.
  • An artist of foreign national can visit India for presenting the art and performance on a regular basis.
  • A foreign sports expert is eligible for the Indian employment visa if he/she is selected as coach in any registered and popular sports club.
  • Corporate professionals like engineers, doctors, CAs, accountants, lawyers, and others who want to visit India for practicing the work and experience.
  • A professional from foreign national coming to India to offer the training and technical support to a company‚Äôs employee and for that he/she is getting paid.

Necessary Conditions to be fulfilled for an employment visa

  • A foreigner who is applying for employment visa India must be qualified and approved by an Indian organization.
  • The Applicant must have offered a minimum salary of US$ 25,000 per annum. Nevertheless, it is not applicable to all, especially in case of staffs working, chefs, NGO workers and other.
  • There is concession provided to the salary criteria of nationals from Bangladesh, Afghanistan, China, Iran, and Sri Lanka. In their case, minimum salary offered is US$ 14,000 per annum to be eligible for Indian employment visa.
  • The applicant needs to have a valid passport.
  • The applicant must be accountable to the tax formalities
  • The applicant needs to submit a letter of contract with the Indian company
  • The applicant also needs to submit the professional and academic documents
  • Duration time of Stay in India with Employment Visa
  • A foreigner coming to India to offer technical seminar or training is allowed to stay for the duration of employment or for a period of 5 years.
  • A foreigner employed by an IT organization is permitted to stay for 3 years or the duration decided in the contract by the employer.
  • Duration of stay for the foreigner employee in India can be extended, but with the permission of FRROs/FROs. However, it cannot be extended for more than 5 years.

Documents Required for an Indian Employment Visa

  • Applicant needs to visit https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/ and submit an application form and one copy of the application. Your signature is also needed at the bottom of the second page of the form.
  • You can only get this application form online. If anyone tries to manipulate by submitting any downloaded and customized form, the application will be subjected to be declined.
  • 2*2 passport sized photo is required in color but the background must be white. Your signature at the bottom of the photo is needed white submitting it in the online form. Your Photo of wearing glasses will not be acceptable in any case.
  • You must submit a letter of appointment stating the name of the company, job duration, nature of the job, your job profile, and the salary.
  • You are also supposed to submit proof of state residency which could be a driving license and state-issued ID card.
  • Resume of applicants also needs to be submitted.
  • A Tax liability letter
  • An approved letter by the employer that will say that the application qualifies for this particular job or skilled enough to take this job on.
  • You can also see all other required documents here https://www.immihelp.com/nri/indiavisa/employment-visa-checklist.pdf
  • For Visa application forms of different countries, visit https://www.angloinfo.com/how-to/india/working/work-permits.

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