How Much Time Does It Take to Get The Indian Visa Processed

how long does it take to get india visa

A visa to India acts as a legal permit and is granted to a foreigner who wants to visit the country. Normally, the application process is not that complicated especially if you have applied before. When you visit the Indian Embassy of your country, it requires some time to apply for the visa. The major part of the time gets consumed in the processing of the visa which is the last step of the application process. 

Once you have submitted the application form, mandatory documents and paid the Indian visa fees, the application is sent for further processing and when it gets approved, it is issued to you.

Factors Affecting Indian Visa Processing Time

Here are the factors that decide how much it will take to get your visa processed and issued to you:

  1. There are a number of visa applications received by the Indian Consulate every day, so expecting them processing your visa in one go is not at all possible. There are so many applications in line, you need to wait for your turn.
  2. Also, there are different documents that have to be submitted for each category of visa. So, it takes time by the visa authority to inspect the documents to validate their authenticity and validity. For instance, to apply for Business Visa, you will have to produce the related documents that justify your purpose of visit. Similarly, to obtain a Medical visa, a medical letter from a recognized treatment center has to be submitted.
  3. Furthermore, it depends on the nationality of the applicant and the relationship between their country and the host country.
  4. It also depends on the season as during peak season the demand for a visa is relatively higher than the lean season. So, ultimately, it will take more time to get the visa processed. 

General Processing Times of Indian Visa

Here is the general information about the time it will take to get your visa application processed and approved:

  • When the Indian Visa Application Centre receives the visa application, it takes somewhere around 3-5 working days.
  • For people of Indian origin, US citizens who need a reference, all non-US citizens, for short term visas, one to two weeks will be required for processing or may take longer in some cases.
  • For those cases where a prior reference check is needed, the processing time is a minimum of one week.
  • For pilot and crew members of all Chartered, Private jets, Cargo and Trainers Flights that fall in the category of Unscheduled Airlines are treated as reference cases and need prior clearance from official authorities in India. A minimum of five weeks is required to process such applications and without getting the clearance, no visa will be issued. 

Processing Time for Exceptional Cases

  • For Pakistani nationals and persons of Pakistani Origin, visa processing takes at least 6 weeks. It may take longer than that as the matter is inspected by the concerned authorities in India.
  • For Sri Lanka nationals and persons of Sri Lankan origin, visa processing takes time. The Embassy will convey the decision to the applicant as soon the application gets processed and approved.
  • For citizens of Czech Republic and Slovak Republic, a minimum of 21 working days is required for processing the visa application.

e-Visa Processing Time

A regular Visa takes quite long to reach out to the applicant. Keeping this in mind, e-Visa was introduced to save the hassle involved in obtaining a visa to India. There is no need to visit any Embassy or Consulate and after filling the online application form & making the payment, the visa will be processed and sent to you by email within 4-7 business days. 

e-Visa is the best option when you have to visit India for a shorter period. Moreover, if you have any urgency to visit India, you can apply for the Emergency Visa to India. The urgent Indian e-Visa processing time is much lesser than the normal one. It takes around 24-72 hours for the processing of visas after submitting the application for an urgent visa. 

Note- The processing time for an Indian visa is not always the same and the timings mentioned are approximate not exact. Processing time cannot be guaranteed for any of the visa applicants and it wholly depends on the prevailing situations. However, on the basis of the information provided here, you can at least get ready for all the formalities beforehand.

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