Relaxations in e-Visa India Rules for Chinese Citizens

On Friday, the Indian government announced some important relaxations in visa rules for nationals of China. This move has been made in coincidence with the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s to India for an informal summit with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The decision to offer visas with five-year validity that allow multiple entries has been made to fulfill the demand of China that was pending for so long and this issue was also a part of the informal summit that is going to happen between the two leaders. For the Chinese citizens, the five-year, multiple-entry e-Visa will cost around $80.

As per the statement released by the Indian Embassy, the Indian government will provide some further relaxations on its e-Visa India policy for Chinese nationals in terms of duration and fees.

Talking about the relaxation in visa fees, the one-year e-Visa with multiple entries will be offered at a reduced rate of $40. Those who want to apply for one-month, double-entry e-Visa will need to pay a reduced fee of $25. For a Chinese seeking a one-month e-Visa during the months of April, May and June will have to pay a really low amount i.e. $10.

In a statement provided by the embassy, it has been stated that “This one-sided liberalization of e-Visa for Chinese nationals will most probably improve the relations between the two countries. It has been anticipated that after this move more Chinese tourists will visit India for tourism purposes”.

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