India E-visa Application Problems

india evisa application problems

India E-Visa Application Problems

What All Difficulties Applicants Face While Applying for India e-Visa

In the last few years’ Indian tourism has improved to a great extent, thus the country has become a major attraction to the tourists. Apart from tourism, India is a hub to promote your business and avail exceptional healthcare services, especially Ayurveda treatments. Hence, the number of visitors for recreation purposes is increasing with every passing day. Taking a paper visa is quite a complex process, thus the Government of India has introduced the concept of electronic visa (e-visa). This visa can be availed online to visit India for Tourism, medical and business purposes.

E-visa has gained sudden hype in almost no time, but it’s not just online-form to fill but much than that. Every minor detail is collected by the government along with the several identity proofs and photographs. Users often report problems while applying for the Indian e-visa. Some of complication users encounter are listed below:

Blocked request:

The fourth attempt after three failed tries, your request will be blocked by the website. So, it never keeps repeating the payment if failed once. Instead, wait for a few hours before checking out.

Sometimes the application takes too long to complete due to slow payment processing. But it is advisable not to follow the repetitive fashion of payment attempts as it can result in Blocked application.

A mistake in Application is irreversible:

This is not a problem which is caused due to the fault of government or the Indian e-visa website. Many times, the applicant skip a detail or fill incorrect information by mistake. But the irony is that there is no scope of correction once the form has been sent. Consequently, this can lead to the visa-denial and applying again is the only option left for the applicant. So, it is advised thoroughly check the form before sending the application so that you can correct the details if required. This will save you from the pain of a lengthy visa-application process.

Few general tips which an aspirant can consider while applying for Indian e-visa are listed below:

  • Make sure you have enough time to afford the visa-denial for the first time.
  • It is advisable to read requirements on the official website specified by the Indian government.
  • Check the specifications of passport PDF and photo JPEG. As it should match the criteria set by the government of India.
  • If you receive the message of “payment failed” on your screen, it is advisable to quit the session and try a few hours later.
  • To get any help, you can click on “visa Enquiry” button the e-visa application page.
  • If you are seeing payment not done a message on your screen but the amount has been deducted from your account, it is advisable to make a contact with your bank.
  • There are various online forums available to discuss your issues with other applicants. So, post your query on one such platform.

An ultimate solution platform: is one of the reliable platforms to complete your e-visa application submission. You will be guided through the entire process of application.

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