E-Visa Amendment that You Must Know


Ever since the e-Visa India has been introduced, the Indian government keep adding amendments to make it easy and tourist friendly. This time the Ministry of tourism has taken a good move by increasing the duration of e-Tourist visa and e-Business visa with multiple entries.

Home ministry and the ministry of tourism have been working closely to improvise the e-Visa facilities to make it as easy as possible for the foreigner tourist. Hence, they have mutually come to a decision to make below-mentioned changes:

Important Amendment   

  •    The validity of e-Tourist and e-Business visa has been increased from 120 days to 1 year and tourists can stay for 90 days in a continuous manner with each entry.
  •    There are no more restrictions with no of entries. A tourist can enter India multiple times with valid e-Visa.

E-Tourist Visa Changes  

Foreigner tourists are not allowed to stay more than 90 days except for the nationals of the UK, USA, Canada, and Japan. They are privileged to stay for 180 days; however, they cannot also exceed 180 days with a single entry.

E-Business Visa Changes

Foreign nationals who are eligible for grant of e-Visa can stay for 180 days in a continuous manner with each entry. They don’t need to register in case of the stay for less than 180 days.    

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