Indian e-Visa payment Guide with Issue Resolutions

indian e visa payment guide

Indian e-Visa is attracting eyes throughout the world. There is everything nice about it, except the e-Visa payment process using GOI website. Users often report payment related issues such as stuck indian e visa payment, website crashing and bank is not authorizing the payment. So, if you are having tough times while making payments using the Indian visa payment site, we have a fully-fledged guide for you.

Payment Guidelines for Online Indian Visa Applications:

  1. You first need to fill the online application form and pay the fee online using your debit/credit card, Western Union or PayPal.
  2. After the payment, do not forget to take the printout of the order completion.

GOI use the Online Secure technology:

The online payment gateways ensure the best online secure and protected transactions that are end-to-end transactions.

Cards to use for payments

In order to make payments you can use Visa, MasterCard or American Express cards and make PayPal payments. The next possible option is; using your bank account as it is next possible option to secure your payments.

Western Union

Western Union is next foreign exchange platform you can use to make the payments. After sending the amount, you need to provide money transfer control number (MTCN) to complete the payment process.

India Visa Payment Issues and Their Resolution:

Error 1: Payment error with message “Declined” or “Your bank declined our attempt to authorize your card”.

This error usually occurs when you switch your card or payment because the previous method is no longer available. This happens when the old credit card is not correct. Usually the error get self-diagnosed within a month.

It occurs when the bank refuses to complete the payment. It can also take place when the credit card information is not correct. The other reasons could be the restrictions set by the bank on particular country, currency, quotas, exceeding the trial limits and more.


In order to resolve the error, you can try the below given information:

  1. Check the payment option:

First make sure that the credit card is not expired and the card number you have provided is correct. In case you have recently changed your card, do not forget to update the latest details of the card. You can even contact the customer care for service of the platform that you are using to make the payments.

  • if your payment information is correct:

In such cases, you need to wait for 2 to 3 days and then try to make payment again. But do not wait more than that; rush to contact customer care and state “I have had a transaction attempt declined for my card on YYYY-MM-DD date for NLTechno SARL. It’s really me using that card so please approve transactions for that card.”

 Error 2: The India visa website is not working

The Indian visa website is quite slow and thus causes trouble many times to the users. It is not untrustworthy but a very time-taking process to make payment through the government site of Indian e-Visa. It crashes most of the time while making payments. This can be due to the heavy traffic and poor server maintenance.

In such cases, you can rely upon the third-party websites that are reliable and transparent. There are many mediators out there who are helping customers to get e-Visa in an easy manner.

Few other tips to consider while making e-Visa payments:

Be safe on the Internet:

  1. First make sure to check the details of the websites, such as address, phone number, email contact and other information are genuine.
  2. Make sure the information added on website such as misspellings, extra words, characters or numbers etc.
  3. If the website if found to send unsolicited emails, avoid using it.
  4. The web address must begin with ‘https://’ and has the ‘s’, as it stands for ‘secure’.

Use Browsers Safely:

The internet browser plays an important role in making online transactions. A safe browser let you manage your settings such allowing and blocking websites, blocking pop ups and using the private-browsing. Therefore, do not use any random browser-only go for a secure option.

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