A Breakthrough: Validity Period of India e-Visa May Extend to 10 Years

India e-Visa Validity Period May Extend to 10 Years

India has always been a center of attraction to tourists from every corner of the world. The exclusively introduced tourism policies have made it very easy to reach India and explore its geographical, religious and cultural diversity. The convenient e-Visa facility has made it simple for everyone to visit India for a recreational, business or medical purpose. 

Good news is announced by the Indian Government think tank, “Niti Ayog” that e-Visa india shall be increased to 10 years and it has revised the number of annual visits as well. This move can enhance tourism in the country to a large extent and boost revenue through the Tourism sector.

In a recent report, the Niti Ayog described that e-Visa policies are needed to be modified, as even the e-Visa introduction cannot resolve the difficulties, travelers face getting the visa for a longer stay.

 As per the report: “Increase e-Visa awareness globally by launching an information campaign through our consultant abroad. It is also necessary to launch an e-Visa regime to attract clientele from the meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions (MICE) market. To attract repeat visitors, the validity period of e-Visa may be increased to 10 years.” 

Recently, around 18.78 lakh foreigners visited India using e-Visa within the starting months of 2018 and around 4.47 lakh visitors registered their name in the list of e-Visa applicants in 2015. The county from where the maximum number of visitors come, are UK, US, China, France, and Germany.

The Newly Made Enhancements in Indian Electronic Visa

There are different types of e-Visa available and they all are serving different purposes. To help the applicants make a more specific choice, two new e-Visa types have been introduced. Let’s unveil them:

Indian e-Medical attendant visa:

The e-Medical attendant visa gives permission to the attendant for visiting India with the patient. The maximum number of attendants that can travel with one patient is two. But the attendant must be related by blood with the patient to attain the e-Visa. It allows a stay of 60 days and three entries within a year. 

Indian conference visa:

This e-Visa allows professional aspirants to visit the seminar and conference in the country. With the Indian conference e-Visa, one can attend the seminars and workshops taking place in the country, India. Also, it is valid all national and international conferences held by NGO’s, the UN and other government bodies. This visa has the 30 days validity with a single entry.

Expanding the validity to 10 years: 

Expanding the e-Visa to 10 years is one such idea that can give a tremendous boost to Indian tourism and this further leads to quick economic growth. Now, this e-Visa facility will also meet the requirements of those who are planning a long-term visit to India.

Why is it a necessary step?

The increase in visa validity will encourage more tourists due to convenience enhancement. If we go by an example; The 60 day’s validity of medical visa sometimes cannot cater the needful and serious patients may face inconvenience if they have to pause the ongoing medical treatment. Also, the short-term validity increases their expenditure on traveling as well as visa processing that they need to perform again. This is the main reason why most of the medical help seekers avoid e-Visa, but by enhancing the validity period even the people who need long-term medications can come to India using e-medical visa and this will surely be more convenient for the tourists and benefits for the country itself.

Not only the medical Visa but Indian business visa and tourist visa policies will go under revision for validity expansion. With this, the tourist will get more time for recreational and professional activities and that will cause a hike in the revenue generation of the tourism sector. The investors will feel more secure while starting a long-term project in India and this will boost the tax collection. Also, it will increase the scope of employment in the country as a new business will definitely require local manpower.

Final words:

We know that the government has done several amendments in the e-Visa policies thus far and the efforts have always paid the country back. But, there are few more changes required to make India super travel-friendly and extending the Indian e-Visa validity to 10 years will be a great breakthrough. Therefore, everyone is desperately waiting for the official announcement to come, so that the best benefit can be taken from the Indian electronic visa facility.

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