Good News! Just Pay $25 for e-Tourist Visa in India 2019

e-Tourist Visa For $25

India has been growing in terms of tourism over the past few years. The reason is a number of positive changes have been made in the policies by the tourism ministry. First of all, the implementation of e-Visa India has sorted out the entire procedure and every year one or more countries are getting the entry in the list of eligible countries for online Indian visa, Saudi Arabia, being the latest addition.

So many positive changes have been happening in the tourism industry over time. Keeping in mind the welfare of the Indian economy as well as the convenience of the tourists, the Indian Government has come up with a flexible e-tourist visa system that is based on the tourist footfall. Tourism minister Prahlad Patel has recently announced e-tourist visa fees for peak and lean seasons in India. This announcement came on the event of the inauguration of the State Tourism Minister’s conference.

As per the reports of PTI, India will now offer a 30-day e-Tourist visa for a fee of $25 during the peak season of July to March. Patel also announced a 5-year e-Tourist visa for a fee of $80 and 1-year visa for a fee of $40. He also said that India will offer a 30-day e-tourist visa at a fee of $10 fee during April to June, which is considered a lean period in Indian tourism.

On Tuesday, Prahlad Patel while speaking with the state government representatives about Indian tourism said that the entire move was brought into action so as to give a further push to the tourism sector of India. One more announcement was made by the tourism minister that for Japan, Singapore and Sri Lanka lean period visa fee for 30 days will be $10 and $25 for 1 year and 5 years respectively.

While the proposal has got a thumbs up from the Home Ministry, approval from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is still awaited on the e-visa fee.

In 2018, the Indian government had its plans to increase the number of foreign tourist arrivals to 20 million by 2020. In 2017, 10 million foreign tourists footfall was recorded in the Indian tourism sector.

All in all, it is a great move made for the improvement of the tourism industry as seeing a reduction in the visa fees, more tourists will add India to their travel list. There will be a definite increase in the number of tourist visits to India during the peak season of July to March.

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