Top 10 Beaches In India Can Make Your Vacation Bette

top 10 beaches in india 2019

What clicks in your mind, when you think about vacations? Light blue skies, big palm trees, warm blue ocean waves, and hot sandy beaches. This is what simply defines the beach vacation.

With Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal in the southwest and southeast respectively Indian is having one of the longest and widespread coastlines with almost 7000 kilometers length. Due to this, India is studded with some of the beautiful beaches in the world and it spans all across the coastline.  

Beaches are the best place for vacation, where one can relax and enjoy life at fullest. Beach is the only place where the trio of sand, land, and sea give you the pleasant experience of your life. The beautiful hotels or resorts and other living facilities make it more comfortable for visitors. If you are planning for summer vacation and looking for beautiful beaches in India, this post will help you in planning your beach vacation. Here’s the list of top 10 beaches in India which help you explore the beauty of Indian coastline.

  • Kovalam Beach, Kerala

Kerala is known for its simplicity and beautiful beaches. Kovalam Beach stands at top of the list when it comes to attractive beaches in India. Kovalam is a globally famous beach with three contiguous crescent beaches. It has been a favorite place to hang out for tourists since the 1930s. A massive rocky headland on the beach has formed a beautiful bay of cool waters, perfect for sea bathing.

Kovalam Beach, Kerala

  • Radhanagar Beach, Andaman, and the Nicobar Islands

Situated in one of the stunning islands of Andamans, Radhanagar beach is the eye-catching spot of Havelock Island. It is ranked top on the list of best beaches in the world by none other than Time Magazine. It is the second lengthiest beach in the Asia Pacific. The immense beauty, pellucid water and coral sights of this beach make it the best place for relaxing and collecting precious moments with family.

Radhanagar Beach, Andaman, and the Nicobar Islands

  • Calangute Beach, Goa

Goa is the land of most glamorous beaches in India. These beaches of Goa are reckoned as the best tourist destination in India. Calangute Beach is considered as the queen of beaches in northern Goa. The far extending beach of Calangute can provide accommodations for a large number of tourists. It is considered as one of the most crowded beaches in India. The huts and stalls near the beach offer you some of the finest variety of seafood along with the best handicraft stuff of the state. It is the perfect destination for a family vacation.

Calangute Beach, Goa

  • Baga Beach, Goa

While thinking about the beach holiday, a colorful nightlife always strikes our mind.  Those who are party-lover and wants to enjoy the best of Goa night along with parting with family and friends, Baga beach is a dream place for them. The throbbing music, dance floor, different types of wine, turn the nights into a festive time in Goa.

Baga Beach, Goa

  • Kapu Beach, Karnataka

Kapu Beach is one of the best beach located in the city of Mangalore. It is surrounded by a humid climate that attracts tourists all over the country. It has a lighthouse which is also the center of attraction for tourists. At the top of the lighthouse, you can see the mesmerizing views and seeing the sunset from there can give you the moment of life.

Kapu Beach, Karnataka

  • Kappad Beach, Kerala

Kappad Beach is known for its attractive sunset and also has a historical background. From this coast, Vasco-da-Gama stepped onto the land of Kerala over 500 years ago. The stillness of this beach attracts a large number of travelers across the world. Also it is known for the dawn of the spice trade In India.  

Kappad Beach, Kerala

  • New Digha Beach, West Bengal

West Bengal is a very beautiful city and also famous for its attractive beaches, this state of India is remarkable in every aspect. The New Digha Beach comes on number 7 on our list of the most popular beaches in India. It is widely popular for its crowd especially on the weekends, you can feel the life at its fullest. The sand of the New Digha beach is the very soft and perfect place for spending quality time with family. It starts around a mile away from the beach, which is surrounded by casuarina trees and also famous for cashew nuts and seashells.

New Digha Beach, West Bengal

  • Varkala Beach, Kerala

Situated in the south of Kerala and share boundaries with the north end border of the district Trivandrum. Varkala beach is a perfect destination for peaceful vacation in Kerala. It is listed on the top ten seasonal beaches in the world by the Discovery channel. It has a fabulous beauty of landscapes, brown sand, and sea. It’s a perfect spot to relax in a peaceful atmosphere. It gives beauty and unconstrained peace and harmony.

Varkala Beach, Kerala

  • Murudeshwar Beach, Karnataka

The Murudeshwar beach is the main tourist magnetism in Karnataka. Circumambient by hills and lavish green leaves, this beach is always busy with various activities. The loveliness of this beach is enlightened by the coco palm trees which are natives of this location. 

The forenoon hours are the best time to see the charm of this place. At early morning you might find flying seagulls, kingfisher birds and the mighty sea waters touching the beach surface, give spiritual sensation which makes this destination a perfect holiday spot.

Murudeshwar Beach, Karnataka

  • Colva Beach- South Goa

Colva is a famed beach in south Goa located near to the city of Margao. It is well-known beach in South Goa and equally crowded like Calangute in the north. It is the eldest, biggest and alluring beach of South Goa and has soft white sand encircled by coconut palms and this makes it a perfect spot for relaxing. The crowd puller at the Colva Beach is the ‘Menino Jesus’ statue placed at the church of Igreja de Nossa Senhora de Piedade established in 1630.

Colva Beach- South Goa

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