Top 5 Magnificent Countries Where UK Natives Can Get e-Visa to Visit

top 5 countries where uk natives can get e visa-to visit

The concept of e-visa has simplified the long and hectic process of getting a regular visa. From documentation to the appointment the entire process takes a line of days, due to this most of us give up the idea of an international trip. But if you are a UK passport holder, you can now plan your vacations in these 5 countries as getting e-visa to these places is a cake-walk. Each of the below-mentioned countries runs its own website to apply for e-visa, just go to the site, fill in the information (that must be correct), attach the required documents and get approval within 3-5 days. All you need is a valid passport, and credibility to get the approval.

Here is the list of delightful countries which provide an e-visa to UK residents:

  • India:

India has made a smart move by introducing the e-visa program a couple of years back. The e-visa to India is open to UK natives. This beautiful country holds a unique charm in its cultural, religious, and geographical diversity. You can visit India to explore the cores and a jaw-dropping experience is guaranteed. From shorelines to deserts, there are numerous landscapes which worth visiting. Yoga, agricultural, Ayurveda, and festivals are the main attractions of this country. So India is the picturesque yet budget-friendly option to plan your vacation.

  • Malaysia:

Malaysia is known for its novel appeal with a diverse range of food, culture, beaches, forest trekking, and adventurous sports. If you are a fun-soul, Malaysia deserves a backpack. For foodies, Kuala Lumpur is must to visit as there you can find a wide range of delicious foods. The nightlife of Malaysia is perfect to light the dying fire inside you. Also, street art and murals can satisfy the artistic mind. So, Malaysia is perfect for all UK citizens who are looking for a place for recreational activities. Also, Malaysia has made the e-visa process quite simple for the UK citizens and hence you can add the country to your kitty.

  • UAE:

The tourism to the UAE is regulated by United Arab Emirates tourism cooperation. UAE is a perfect place to experience a luxurious life as Sheikhs, and experience a crime-free environment. The advanced infrastructure of the country can blow your mind. Dubai is known for having a place in the top tourism destination. It is a perfect place to fulfill your shopping cravings. Also, the variety of perfumes you will find in UAE cannot be found anywhere else. Also, the Dubai Mall and Burj-Khalifa are the main attractions of the country. So, the UK citizens can visit UAE as the country is accepting e-visa for UK natives for both tourist and business purposes.

  • Vietnam: 

Vietnam’s greenery, rivers, and pristine beaches are soul-food for voyagers. Here you can connect with the true form of nature, as most of the places are still unscathed. This Southeast Asian country is rich in history as we all are familiar with the Vietnam War. The diverse culture and natural landscapes are the major fascinations of this country. Visit Hanoi, the ancient capital city to unveil the historical facts of Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh-the bustling modern city for fun activities. the country has now opened its arms for the outer world and hence getting e-visa for Vietnam from UK is a straightforward process

  • Myanmar:

Myanmar which was formerly known as Burma is one of the major tourist attraction nowadays. This ancient country is a thousand years old and it comprises of several camouflaged mysteries. The culture of Myanmar is influenced by the popular countries India and China.  Bullock rides, the Buddhism fundamentalists, the blended culture, mouth-watering food variety, and historical and stunning places like Shwedagon Pagoda and Bagan make this country worth-traveling. UK passport holders can very easily avail the e-visa to Myanmar at very affordable charges.

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