Top Countries Where Getting A Visa Is A Piece of Cake


A visa is generally issued to allow entry into a country for international travelers. It grants permission to live or work there for a fixed amount of time as permitted under a different type of visas. Each country has different conditions to be met while applying for a visa. The deciding factors while applying for a visa are your occupation, your country of origin and the expected length of stay.

Some countries have a relatively simpler process to obtain the visa as compared to other countries. There are countries who have a really lengthy and complex visa application process.

Here we have compiled a list of countries that will encourage you to travel; the main highlight is their easy-to-go visa process.

  1. India

India tops the chart as it has simplified its visa application process after the introduction of e-Visa India. The e-Visa can be availed for many reasons. Whether you want to visit India for business meetings, medical issues or just the tourism purpose, everything gets covered under e-Visa. More than 160 countries have been covered under the e-Visa program of India. The entire application process for any type of visa has to be completed online that is what makes it more convenient. The visa stays valid for a full one year and you can make multiple entries throughout the year. You can stay for a period of 90 days continuously, however, for countries like USA, UK, Canada and Japan, the duration to stay has been extended to 180 days. You just have to meet the basic requirements, submit the documents, pay the fee and that’s all you have to do to apply for e-Visa India.

  • Ireland

Ireland allows traveling and working for a one-year post graduation from college. This country offers a working holiday program for recent graduates. You can avail a stay  up to one year along with some working privileges. Just carefully read the documentation before applying so as to avoid any delay in the processing of visa. If you do not meet the holiday program requirements and want to stay in Ireland for more than three months, you can fill out a Long Stay Visa Request.

  • New Zealand

New Zealand offers a visa that helps to obtain permanent residency. A visitor visa to New Zealand allows a stay for a maximum of nine months. If you want to work during your stay, the better choice is to apply for a temporary work visa. The ‘essential skills work visa’ stands valid up to five years if you meet the requirements properly. The ‘long-term skills shortage visa’ can grant you work permission up to 30 months.

  • Costa Rica

Visitors to Costa Rica can stay up to 90 days without a visa. You need to have proof of income before moving to this place in order to live in this country. For the application process, you will need passport photos, fingerprinting with the Ministry of Public Safety, a birth certificate with apostille, and several other forms of documentation.

  • Singapore

Singapore’s visa process is considered user-friendly as travelers have several options to extend their stay in the country. Also, all the applications can be completed online. However, you need to plan in advance before arriving in Singapore as a traditional visitor pass is for 30-day stay max. Singapore also provides a student pass if you are going to study while in Singapore.

  • Canada

Canada allows individuals to become residents for a number of reasons like close relatives, employment, or to start a business. There are various programs that aim at getting permanent residency in Canada. The programs include ‘Self-employed person program, express entry program, and caregiver’s program. To study in Canada, you have to obtain ‘’Study Permit’ and then you can stay for the duration of your program and 90 days after it gets over.

  • Svalbard, Norway

To travel to Svalbard, the basic requirement apart from having a valid passport is that you need to show the governor that you are financially capable of funding your survival there. Also, the life on Svalbard is really tough and only the bravest explorer can do that. However, the easiest thing about moving to Svalbard is its relaxed immigration policies.

  •  Spain

If you are planning for a temporary residency in Spain, you can avail from 90 days to 5 years as per your situation. To work in Spain for your relocation, you can add a temporary work authorization to your temporary residency visa, only if you meet the requirements of employment.

These were some of the countries whose visa regulations are not that much harsh and rigid as compared to some other strict countries like China, Iran, Russia, etc. Before heading out to any country to travel for any of the reasons, make sure you are aware of their visa application process and the prevalent living conditions there.

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