Traveling in India- A Country of Culture, Food and Diversity

Diversity in India

I have been hearing so much about India since the past years and that has raised the curiosity in me to visit the country of diversities. On 20th Aug, I have completed my whole journey to India. So before I share my experience visiting India, I have some question which is not answered yet and here it is:

Is it a country where women aren’t safe?

Is it a country full of culture and Sanskrit?

Is it a country where you find delicious food in every corner?

I have been traveling India for last 6 months and had a mix feeling about it. There are things which I really appreciate and love, but at the same time, I can’t stand some awful and worst truth of the country. So here I am sharing my experience about visiting India.

Let’s dive in:

Diversity of India

Diversity in India

India is a country which is larger than life. There is no end of languages, landscapes, cultures, and weathers. The best example of diversity is one side you see the overcrowded street of Mumbai and Delhi and another side is solitude of the northern regions. From beaches to dessert, urban culture to rural culture, different languages and people; so many differences will surprise you with large. Therefore, the country is for everyone; no matter what you belong to.

Indian foods

Indian foods

Since I entered India, I am just exploring food. Because everywhere I go, I find a different yet delicious food. From rajma to kachaudi, jalebi to rasgulla, paw bhaji to dosa; everything I have experimented and I really loved all.  If you ask me what are the best things about India then food is definitely on the list of bests of India.

Traditions, orthodox, and Gurus

Indian Tradition and Orthodox

I have seen Indian people inclined towards tradition and orthodox. Tradition is good but when it turns out as orthodox, it becomes annoying. The worst orthodox that I believe is when a husband dies, wife has to wear white clothes and she cannot opt for jewelry and makeup. This is utmost frustrating, I mean she cannot live her life, there are so many barriers are made on her way after she becomes a widow. Even she cannot remarry as it is believed as sin in some part of India.

Lots of Temples

Indian Temples

With so many religions, God, and Goddess are believed, the country has various temples on every corner. That is why India is considered as the land of temples. Over the time these temples have become the inspiration for art, architecture, sculpture, and more.


With so many religions and cultures exist in India; lots of festivals are celebrated with almost every week throughout the year. Holi, Deepawali, Eid, and Rakshabandhan are the most celebrated festivals in India. In these festivals, Indians do a lot of shopping, visit homes of friends and relatives and spread the love.

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