What Are the Activities Allowed Under the Purview of e-Business Visa India?

India e-business visa

As the name suggests, e-Business visa India allows passport holders of 168 eligible countries to conduct business trips to India. The e-Business visa India is issued by the Government of India to enhance the number of business trips to India for visitors from abroad.

E-business visa India is allowed only for some specified activities. The foreign nationals visiting India can undertake any of the activities or visit for any of the business purposes enumerated below:

  • To establish an industrial or business venture or to explore the possibilities for the same.
  • To participate in technical meetings or discussions, attend board meetings, general meetings related to business services.
  • For the purpose of recruitment of manpower.
  • To purchase or sell industrial or consumer products.
  • For the pre-sales activity that doesn’t imply the actual execution of any project or contract.
  • To act as a business partner or director of the company.
  • To participate in exhibitions, trade, business fairs, etc.
  • In order to transact with suppliers in India, to do the quality check, give specifications, place orders, negotiate further supplies, etc. for the goods and services obtained from India.
  • Short duration visits to India for an ongoing project to check the progress of the work or to conduct meetings.
  • Foreign trainees visiting India for the purpose of in-house training in the regional hubs of the concerned company.
  • Senior managers of firms, experts, tour conductors, and travel agents, etc. visiting India for projects related to national importance.

Duration and Validity

An e-Business visa India stands valid for one year from the date the visa gets approved. Also, multiple entries are allowed but the duration to stay is limited to 90 days per visit. For some countries that include the US, UK, Japan and Canada, the duration of stay can be 180 days.

Procedure to apply for e-Business visa

To obtain the e-Business visa, it is mandatory to apply at least 4 days and maximum 120 days before the scheduled date of travel. Fill the online application form mentioning the required details. Also, upload a photograph as per the specifications. Don’t forget to add a copy of your passport that should be valid for at least 6 months. Pay the fee online using any debit or credit card and you will receive an application ID. The visa will be processed within five to seven business days.

Note: Foreign nationals who are looking forward to short-term urgent business trip to India can apply for an e-Visa. They don’t have to depend on Indian Missions to issue a Business Visa in their passports before travelling. As a result, a faster and easier application and travel process can be expected for short-term business travelers, who were earlier required to apply for a Business Visa India because of the limited activities involved under the e-Visa.

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