Indian Visa Rejection- Why It Happens and How to Avoid

why e visa india application gets rejected

Visa is a compulsory document to enter into a particular country. You need to go through the hierarchy to get the Visa. However, while applying for the Indian visa you must fill the application form from the official website.

Getting a visa is a cakewalk process if every step and information is provided easily. A wrong step or incorrect information can lead your Visa application to Visa rejection. 

Visa rejection can be a stressful situation as it involves the wastage of time and money and things get even worse when you need it on an urgent basis. The success rate of visa approval is subject to various aspects. It also relies on the country you are applying for and what proof of certification you have. Here in this blog, we will spotlight the causes which lead a visa application to the visa rejection or denial. 

Common Reason for Indian Visa Rejection: 

Illegal and Damaged Passport

A passport is considered as the most important document while applying a visa for India. Hence, you should be careful about the passport status and condition of your passport. As damaged passport has the highest chances for visa rejection. 

For instance, if the bio-page of your passport is not clearly visible or any page of your passport is torn-off, the embassy will think you as a defaulter thus rejecting your visa.  

Unfinished Application Form

Undoubtedly, you are in severe condition if you click the submit button even without filling all the necessary information in the form. A single mistake in the visa application to reject the visa. Hence, always fill the form with the utmost attention and double-check information before going to the final step. 

For example: If you miss out on details like date of birth or nationality in the form, you are likely to face rejection as every single detail bears equal importance in the application. 

Not Adhering the Visa Rules

The rules of a visa application should be followed properly. As it directly involves the country’s safety process. So, the officials of the migration department have strict rules and guidelines. You should follow every rule and provide the required details in the form, otherwise, your Indian visa gets rejected. 

Like if you are required to submit a specific document, you can’t avoid it. It is important to keep a keen eye on every visa rule as a violation of rules guarantees rejection. 

Criminal History

Any aspirant with a past criminal record or drug abuse has a solid chance of the visa getting rejected. The rejection might arise due to the candidate being considered a threat to the public rule, internal security or public wealth of the country. 

For example if you are a defaulter in your country, your Indian visa is very much likely to get rejected. Therefore, make sure to clear your criminal background first, before applying for an Indian visa. 

Derisory Funds

Before applying for the visa application, you need to maintain or should have enough funds to survive in a country for the duration of the visit. In case, you failed to show the funds in your account or in the bank statement, your visa application gets rejected and this one is the most common reason for visa rejection. 

No country can allow you to permit without having sufficient funds to bear the expenses while you are staying in the country. 

False Documents

Providing false and fake documents will lead to visa rejection. As soon as you have filed an application, the visa authorities will check the validity and authenticity of the provided documents. In case, any of your documents are found fake, officials will reject the application and, in some cases, ban you from applying again for a particular time.

Overcome Visa Rejection

Refusal of visa can be overcome by providing the extra details by the applicant to prove eligibility. Visa rejection is followed by a refusal letter which holds all the causes or explanation of visa rejection to aware you about the error you have made while applying the visa application in the future. However, you can reapply for a visa after 3 days. 

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