Indian e-Visa for Australia: A Very Simple Process

India and Australia are sharing very close relations due to a large series of reasons such as; both are the part of Commonwealth of Nations. Both countries share political, economic, security, lingual and sporting ties since a long time. Also, both nations have endured the British colonization and thus they are strongly connected with the game “Cricket”. There all facts are developing curiosity among Australian citizens to visit India. Therefore growth in the number of Indian visa applications from Australia, is matchless.

The process to get a visa to India has become painless with the introduction of Indian online visa facility. The tourists can now avail Indian visa sitting at their home with just a stable internet connection.

There are five types of e-visas namely: E-tourist visa, E-business visa, E-medical visa, E-medical attendant visa and E-conference visa. Choose the visa type wisely to avoid the visa rejection.

Let’s Understand How You Can Obtain e-Visa to India:

To get the Indian e-visa, you need to start by filling the online application form. No need to visit embassy physically as it is a very short and simple process.

  • Provide the required information in respective sections.
  • Attach the mentioned documents
  • Pay the fees using debit or credit card.
  • Wait for the email to come

That’s it!

So, hope you understand that how convenient the entire visa application process it. After filling the application form, all you need is to keep the patience till visa arrives.

Now if you are having a question that “How Long Does you need to wait?” The answer is here:

Usually it takes 3-7 days to get the e-visa approval. So, make sure you apply at least a week before from the date you need to fly to India. Once you receive the e-visa, get it printed as you need to carry it while travelling to India.

Important Note: There are 5 seaports and 28 airports in India that allows the entry to India with e-visa. Your visa will be stamped with visa once to land on any of these ports.

What Are Documents and Details You Need to Attach with Application Forum?


  1. Scanned passport size photo
  2. Passport with two blank pages and six months validity
  3. Medical or business letter
  4. Debit/credit card or PayPal account


  1. Details regarding personal, educational, and professional information
  2. Place where are you landing and departing
  3. Record of your last 10 year foreign travel

So, if you are an Australian and have made up your that India is going to be the next country you are visiting, just go for electronic visa and get your permit to visit India at the comfort of your home.

*Disclaimer: is online website to avail Indian e-visa services. We are operating a commercial website thus you need to pay a fee for using our services. Our charges may be different than that of official. We suggest you to read all our terms and conditions or privacy policy before you apply for e-Visa services.

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