Indian Visa Guide for USA Citizens

India has become a center of attraction to foreign tourists due to its cultural diversity and a rich history. The colors of India seem tempting to many foreign nationals and thus the Indian tourism is getting wider with every passing day. A lingering curiosity towards India can be seen in most of the Americans, and thus they acquire a large portion of Indian tourism. Approximately more than millions of US citizens visit India every year.

Due to friendly terms and relation of the USA with India, visiting India is quite easy for the USA residents. If you are seeking a visa to India from the USA, applying online is the simplest option available. It allows you to visit India for 90 days per visit, just for a recreation tour. If you own a USA passport and are planning to apply for India e-visa USA, you must understand the basic requirements as well procedure.

India visa from USA is divided into three categories:

The latest update of visa to India from USA has added two new forms namely e-Medical Attendant Visa and e-Conference Visa.

Some of the important questions regarding Indian visa USA are answered below in a comprehensive manner:

How Much Time Does It Take to Get an Indian E-Visa from the USA?

Once you are done submitting the application form, it will take 4-7 days to get the India visa for US citizens. But in some of the exceptional cases, the approval period can extend up to an uncertain number of days.

What Documents Do I Need to Attach with The Online Form?

  • A copy of your original passport which must have the 60 days of validity
  • A copy of passport-sized photo of the applicant.
  • Applicant needs to provide Medical letter or business-card copy for E-Medical Visa and e-business respectively.

Which All Indian Airports Accept E-Visa for India?

If you are traveling using an online visa, you can enter through the below-given airports:

There are five seaports which allow the entry of e-visa holders.

Is There Any Term or A Condition Associated with Visa Application Online Process?

Here are few India visa requirements for us citizens which you need to consider:

  • An e-visa cannot be converted into a normal one and vice versa.
  • The online visa for India allows you to enter multiple times in valid duration.
  • The online visa is only for 180 days and the traveler must return after 180 days.
  • A password with two blank pages and validity of 6 months is required.
  • The traveler must be able to bear the costs of board and lodging while traveling to India.
  • No diplomatic passport can be carried along.
  • One e-visa id is valid for a single person.
  • The applicants must not belong to the person-no-grata category

What Situations Can Lead to The Visa Disapproval While Traveling to India from USA?

  • If a password has a validation period less than 6 months
  • If application form lacks any important information
  • Not mentioning the type of e-visa you are seeking

Is There Any Specific Photo Format Is Required to Consider for An Online Visa?

There are few requirements of the photographs you need to take into account, for availing the India tourist visa for US citizens. Follow the below-given requirements:

  • The format of the photo must be JPEG or PDF. There is no limitation of size
  • The photograph must be equal in height and width
  • The photo should show your full face from the front view with opened eyes.
  • The center head should lie within the frame and display your full head from top of head to bottom of the chin.
  • A white background or any light-colored background is required
  • The photo should be colored and clear without any shadow present.
  • There should be no borders.

How the Visa to India From USA Can Be Applied Online?

To apply for online e-Visa, first open the official visa application website and fill the Indian visa application from USA and perform the below-given steps;

  • First, duly fill the application form given on the website.
  • Attach the documents mentioned on the website.
  • Thoroughly check the application form, and make sure you have done everything right
  • Check out by paying the India visa fees for USA citizens
  • Once your form is verified and approved, you will receive the visa within 4-7 days.

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