Planning a Trip to India with Kids? Here Is the Piece of Advice

While planning a tour with your family, considering India can give you a lot of perks. There is a lot more to explore than your imagination. Also, it is a totally safe and apt place for a family vacation and the country is rich in culture and heritage. Also, the country offers many new things to learn that can help your children to have a better approach towards life. So, if you also want to visit India on your next vacation, apply for an e-Visa in advance. Minors also need a separate e-Visa to India.

If you want to know how an Indian e-Visa for the minor child works, we have all the information given below.

Whether it’s a toddler or minor child, every individual must have his or her completely separate visa. Parents need to apply e-Visa for their child/children as well as attach all the required documents. Also, the visa-approval will take place after checking the compilation of the visa application.

What are the Required Documents?

Without all the required documents, the e-Visa application would not be considered complete. So, make sure to attach all the documents listed below:

  • Birth certificate or equivalent proof.
  • The Identity proof of the minor (if any)
  • The medical confirmation letter includes information for allergies, vaccinations and special needs of the child.
  • The letter of consent of parents and guardians, if the child does not belong to you.

Indian e-Visa for Minor- Detailed Information

The e-Visa has different categories to apply for, namely tourist, medical, and business e-Visa. You can select the particular category of your choice, but in most of the cases of minor, only tourist visa applications are entertained. However, if parents coming to India for a particular purpose, the visa for the minor can be applied accordingly. The chances of e-Tourist visa approval are higher than that of other visas. E-tourist visa offers 90-180 days of staying period, depending upon your nationality. With a tourist visa, you can perform a wide range of activities such as visiting a friend or relative’s place, attending Yoga programs, and indulging in various tourist activities. With business visas and medical visa, 180 days and 60 days of stay period are permitted respectively.

Important note: Make sure to carry the digital copies of all your documents to deal with any emergency condition. This way you can control the inconvenience, you and your family may face, on losing the documents while traveling to India,

What Plans Can be Made with Children?

The beauty of India is astonishing. There is something to appeal to everyone, but when you are coming with your children, you need to plan in advance that which places you can visit and which to avoid. Here is the list of the best places to visit in India if your family or children are accompanying you:

  • Beaches of India are best to visit as there are a plethora of safe and guarded beaches. The coastline of India is expanded up to 7516 km and thus beach life of India usually appeals to foreign tourists. Beaches of Goa and Kerala are said to be the most fascinating ones.
  • Adventurous activities: The nature of India offers a base to perform plenty of fun outdoor activities to perform. Kerala is the most popular place to perform safe yet interesting outdoor activities. From the locomotive journey, Horse Riding, cycling to hopping, you get everything covered. Just plan a trip to Kerala and your kids are going to love this vacation. Apart from Kerala, there are many other places that you can explore to enjoy the ultimate fun.
  • Wildlife is the other plus point of India and it offers you a unique experience altogether. From seeing wild tigers, elephants and other species that are about to distinct, can be only found in India.

How Safe India is for Minors?

India has the second-largest population in the world. There are various new things you can see and feel, but not everything is equally good. So, you need to be extra careful and attentive while traveling with your children. If you take precautions and consider all security measures properly, you will find India as the most amazing place in the world.

Some basic things you need to be careful about while traveling to India are listed below:

  1. The crowd is everywhere: India is not only geographically wide but it is also highly populated, so it is very common to see all masses all around. Just stick to your planned routine and do not indulge in everything you come across.
  2. Traffic is massive: High population leads to heavy traffic. So, always leave your place before the time, so that you can reach on time.
  3. Keep everything ready; Make sure to carry all important stuff along such as diapers, napkins, medications and other necessary utilities. It is not necessary that everything will be available on your way, so be prepared.
  4. Don’t trust everyone: There are many good people in India but there are also few poor souls you may find on your way. So it is necessary to only mind your own business. If people try to be frank with you, maintain a distance. Taking pictures is Okay, but do not let them enter into your personal space. Say clearly, if you are nor comfortable.
  5. Avoid junk or street food, if you are prone to infection. Indian food is usually spicy, so order accordingly. Also, always carry a water bottle with you.

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