Latest Photo Requirements for e-Visa India

Traveling to India requires to have a valid visa with you. Also, getting a visa to India has become easier than ever. Now, the application can be made online along with the payment. All the documents have to be uploaded online. The most important document to be uploaded for every Indian visa category is the passport size photograph of the applicant. There are certain specifications mentioned by the Indian Government under which the photograph has to be uploaded. So to clear the confusion, here are the complete details about the photo requirements to apply for electronic visa India.

  • First and foremost, the photo you are going to upload must be latest and not more than six months old. If the photograph is visibly old, there are chances that the application may get rejected.
  • Talking about the Indian visa photo size, it should be a minimum of 1 MB and a maximum of 10 MB. Once you get the image captured, you can easily check the size from the details. Also, only a passport size photo is allowed and attaching a selfie can definitely result in rejection of the application.

1. Permitted dimensions of photo

dimensions Y
  • The dimensions of the Indian passport size photo in pixels must be between 900 x 1200 pixel and 2250 x 3000 pixel and the aspect ratio must be 3:4.

2. Selfie Photo is not allowed

Selfie correct
Selfie incorrect
  • There is a specific format for the photo to be uploaded. For Indian visa, the photo must be uploaded in the JPEG format and you can check the format from the properties of the image.

3. Photo must be in Portrait mode

Portrait Y
Portrait x
  • The image should be in portrait mode and not landscape mode for a better appearance of the face.

4. Stay in Focus and even lighting

blur correct
blur incorrect
  • For Indian visa, a digital passport size photo has to be used, taken in proper lighting. Always prefer to get a photograph from a photo studio as they have the idea of taking the best photo in the appropriate lighting. A good amount of lighting gives clarity to the picture and remember blurry images can be a cause of visa rejection.
  • Any sort of photo editing must be avoided for Indian visa passport size photo.

5. Edited Photo must not be uploaded

Edited Y
Edited x

6. Photo must be taken from 1.5 metres

Be taken 1.5 metres Correct
Be taken 1.5 metres incorrect
  • The photo must be taken 1.5metres from the face.
  • Taking a photo out of a photo is strictly not allowed.

7. Photo must be of you not a photo of a Pre-captured image

Pre captured y
Pre captured x

8. Clear Face and Natural Expressions

Expression photo correct
Expression photo incorrect
  • You must be facing the camera while taking the picture and the expression on the face should look natural.

9. Photo without Red eye

Red eyes correct
Red eyes incorrect
  • The photo must not have red eye.
  • The photograph must show full center head from top of hair to the bottom of the chin and the background should be light-coloured or white background is also permissible.

10. Photo without spectacles

Spaks correct
Spaks incorrect
  • The photo must show full face with front view, eyes open and without wearing spectacles.

11. Full face photo taken against a Light or White coloured Background

Background pic correct
Background pic incorrect
  • While getting clicked, prefer wearing plain or light coloured clothes to meet the Indian e-Visa requirements.

12. Head Covers Must Not hide your Face

head covering correct
head covering incorrect
  • Head coverings are not acceptable except for religious reasons. Also, the facial features from bottom of the chin to top of the face must be clearly visible.

The photo has to be uploaded before making the final payment for the visa. Also, the visa fees are non-refundable in case of rejection, hence it is better to go through the photo requirements carefully and avoid getting rejected.