E-Visa India Online- Privacy Policy

Our Privacy statement

To safeguard the privacy of users data entered into this website, e-visaindiaonline has laid down a safe and secure privacy policy. During the e-Visa online processing, we would need some confidential data from you. Be rest assured that each and every piece of information provided by you will be used exclusively for e-Visa processing and nothing else.

All the forms on this website adhere to our privacy framework. Our policies would be modified and improved to keep up with the data needs for e-Visa online processing. Users are advised to keep a track of our privacy guidelines. In case of any doubts or apprehensions, please contact our travel experts who are always available for you 24x7.

List of sensitive information collected during the e-Visa processing
  1. Name, age, gender and other personal data asked while filling the e-Visa online application form.
  2. Residential phone numbers, mobile numbers and email address which would help us to get in touch with you.
  3. Your residential address, postcode of your locality and other demographic data which would be necessary to determine your nationality and provide suitable e-Visa services. The government of India has laid down a different set of rules for some touring countries. This makes address related data necessary. We are glad to tell you that we do not share data with any third parties resulting in zero privacy risks.
  4. Miscellaneous pieces of information related to your travel plans and your period of stay in Indian territory.

What we do with the information we gather
  • We require this information to understand your needs and provide you with a better service, and in particular for the following reasons:
  • Internal record keeping.
  • We may use the information to improve our services

Why is it so mandatory to share your personal details with e-visaIndiaonline?

We ask only for the most essential pieces of information with the sole purpose of offering you the best e-Visa services and ensuring that you do not face any difficulties whatsoever during your stay in India. As per the guidelines set by the Government of India, we have to maintain a certain set of records pertaining to each and every tourist availing e-Visa online services through this website. We are committed to getting better and better with time and every single piece of information given by you acts as a catalyst in our endeavors.

Few vital points to keep in mind before filling the e-Visa application form on this website
  1. Tourists are advised to fill the application form correctly adhering to the guidelines given on the application page. We reserve all rights to reject partially filled, incomplete or duplicate applications from any user.
  2. Most of our e-Visa applications are processed and dispatched to tourists within the stipulated time frame. However, if there is any delay in visa processing or in the receipt of e-Visa, our website cannot be held financially liable for any losses, damages or any other inconvenience suffered by the applicants.
  3. All the e-Visas issued through this website are valid for a limited time period. The validity of e-Visa is determined by Government of India rules which are amended periodically. Tourists are advised to make use of this e-Visa facility only within the validity period displayed on the e-Visa document.
  4. Our website has all the authority to introduce new terms or modify existing terms and conditions without any prior notice to applicants. We cannot be held liable for any such changes and applicants must accept these terms and conditions. Such provisions have been framed to safeguard our website from crooked travelers, not to embarrass our esteemed customers.
  5. Applicants must remember that we send the processed e-Visa only through email. It would be in your best interests to provide us with a functional and correct email address. e-Visa is sent in JPEG/PDF format as an attachment which you need to download on your computer/ laptop.
  6. Please check each and every minute detail in the e-Visa received in the email. If you find any error or inaccurate information, immediately send an email to help@E-visaIndiaonline.com

What makes our website safe from unauthorized access and online hackers?

Based on our experience in handling e-Visa applications, we have designed a robust and reliable procedure which insulates your personal and confidential information from any kind of privacy leaks. Some of our security features are listed below:-

  1. We use only traffic log cookies for our own statistical purposes. Once we collect website traffic information, all other types of data are cleaned from our servers.
  2. We work on trusted online servers which do not extract any piece of information unless you provide it to us.
  3. You can also use our website by disabling cookies.
  4. In case of any issues while using our website, immediately get in touch with our travel experts at help@E-visaIndiaonline.com